Renting Made Easy

ShareSpace connects the renter (person providing the item) and the rentee (person renting the item) through this website in a few simple steps:


1) Rentee places an order for rent on website 

2) Renter is sent message containing rentee's contact info

3) Renter and rentee discuss and agree upon time and place to complete transaction of item

 4) Item is delivered and renter informs rentee on any additional necessary information about item

5) Once rental period is complete, renter and rentee will meet again at an agreed upon time and place to return item


Currently all items listed are owned by Kansas City Rental Company employees and all communication is directly handled by us.

Man Working
Aerial View of Luxurious Homes


Connection Through Renting

Our desire at ShareSpace is to save money through renting and to connect our neighborhoods and communities.

Everyone wants to spend less money and get the best possible product. Kansas City Rental Company brings the best of both worlds by offering affordable, high-quality items. Additionally, our business model allows people to meet new members of their neighborhoods and communities. Meeting new people and creating new connections builds a closer, tightly-knit community around us. 


Ensuring Safety for Users and Products

At ShareSpace, we want to provide users with a streamline rental process without a worry for personal safety or the safety of their product.

Currently, we personally deliver all rented items to customers at no cost.  We strive to keep our community safe: masks, gloves, and sanitization will be employed during delivery.